Goodbye, Past


“Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you will become” – Unknown

We all have a past. But at one point in our lives, we are all guilty of not being able to leave behind something that was bad in the past. Instead, we let it come with us to haunt us in the future. Whether it be a bad memory, or just something you’re not proud of. Whatever it is, we have all experienced problems leaving something in the past. And what do we do instead of leaving it all behind? We let it destroy us. We let it define who we are. We let it eat us alive. We then start to think of ways that we could have changed or prevented whatever it was from happening. We question ourselves on why it happened. What should we be doing instead? Leaving it behind in the past where it belongs. The past is unchangeable. So why dwell on it? Use your past as something to help strengthen who you are today. If you are constantly thinking about your past, you’re letting it find a way to make you unhappy with yourself in the future. The moment you leave something behind, the happier you will be. Don’t let your past steal your future. The best thing you can do for yourself accept the past, and finally let it stop haunting you.

I, myself, have recently decided that I needed to accept my past and move on and leave it behind. Why? Because one day, I once again found myself getting upset over something that happened so long ago. And I finally stopped and then asked myself: “Why am I continuously letting myself get upset over the same thing over and over again when there is nothing I can do to change it?” And I thought about my question. Over and over again. And I couldn’t think of an answer. I still can’t. And that’s because there isn’t one. I was simply letting myself get upset over and over again for absolutely no reason. And I did that to myself for so long. A year to be exact. And a year later, I am just now realizing that I was living in the past for far too long. And I wish I would have realized it way sooner.

Accept your past. Don’t let it ruin you. Don’t let it haunt you. Don’t let yourself get upset over and over again over something you cant change. Just accept your past, and move on from it.

Say goodbye to your past.

– M